Companyname:               Hilbrecht & Schmidt GmbH


Company seat:                 Mahlower Straße 120 / Mühle
                                             D-14513 Teltow


Branch office:                    Seestraße 8         

(administration                 D-14974 Ludwigsfelde OT Genshagen

and workshop)

Phone:                               +49 (0) 3378 18987050
Fax:                                     +49 (0) 3378 18987059

E-Mail:                                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chief Executive Officers: Ralf-Peter Hilbrecht, Detlef Schmidt

commercial register:       Amtsgericht Potsdam HRB 14902 P


Sales tax identification number:  DE 214206429


Design und Realisierung: Lars Hoffmann,

Fotos und Kartografie: Lars Hoffmann,


No warning without prior contact
If any content or design technical design of individual pages or parts of this online portal

third party rights or statutory provisions infringe or otherwise bring about competition issues

in some form, we ask, referring to § 8 para. 4 UWG, an adequate and sufficient explanatory

and easy without any costs.
We guarantee that the disputed about or parts of this website in a reasonable time or the

legal requirements are extensively adapted without the intervention of a lawyer is required

on your part. The hiring of a lawyer, the fee for the service provider warning does not correspond

to its real or presumed will and would be a violation of § 13 para. 5 UWG because of the pursuit

of irrelevant goals as beherschendes theme of initiation, in particular a cost achievement intention

as actual mainspring and breach of the duty to mitigate damages represent.
Regarding the content provided in the accounts of members and partners, we as a service provider

liability privileges according to § 5, no. 3 TDG or § 11 TDG to complete.

Notice of Liability
By judgment of 12 May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Liability for Links" the District Court of Hamburg decided

that one has to answer by a link to another website with their contents. This can only be prevented

according to LG, by expressly distancing oneself from such content.
Therefore, the Hilbrecht & Schmidt GmbH hereby expressly distances itself from all contents of all

linked pages on the homepage strange and makes their contents as its own. Despite careful control

we assume no liability for the content of external links. Are solely responsible for the content of linked

pages. Further, no warranty about the information provided on our site is used.


We try to keep our website up to date. If Error, an untruth or unwanted Link occur, we kindly ask you to

post a return statement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Is responsible for the content Ralf-Peter Hilbrecht.

Stand: 01/11/2014

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